Shasta Homeless Continuum of Care

City of Redding Housing and Community Development Section

777 Cypress Avenue

Redding, CA 96001



Our mission is to improve and expand the City's housing stock, address the needs of low and moderate income residents, and stimulate the physical and econo

(530)245-7160 (fax)

mic revitalization of the City's neighborhoods in concert with other public, private, and non-profit organizations.


Our goal is to provide decent, safe and affordable housing and a suitable living environment while also addressing: fair housing, assistance for lower-income families, neighborhood renewal, individual and community empowerment, homelessness, economic opportunities and job promotion, citizen encouragement and public trust.  We are here to respond to the Housing and low-income neighborhood challenges which exist in our community. 


The Housing and Community Development Section offers many programs including the following:


HOME Rental Program (HRP): Provides long-term, low-interest loans for the rehabilitation and/or acquisition of rental properties occupied by low-income tenants.


Homeowner Rehabilitation Program: Provides low-interest home improvement loans to qualified homeowners of residential property.


Emergency Repair Program (ERP): Provides affordable loans to low-income owners of both mobile homes and conventional homes located within the Redding city limits.


Minor Home Repair For Seniors (SRP): Assists senior citizen homeowners who do not have the financial resources to complete minor home repairs. A grant of up to $300 is used to pay for the repairs.


Down Payment Assistance Program (DAP): The DAP was created to meet the needs of low- to moderate-income families who want to purchase their first home, but are unable to accomplish that goal without assistance. The program provides direct loan assistance, in the form of a second mortgage, bridging the gap between the applicant's downpayment, the first mortgage from a mortgage lender, and the home's purchase price.


Neighborhood Incentives: HCD also offers a wide range of grants & special loans to revitalize properties located in any one of the designated neighborhoods (Parkview & MLK) to promote positive change in areas currently seeking greater stability and safe family oriented environments.




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