Shasta Homeless Continuum of Care


Welcome to our website!

The City of Redding and Shasta County Homeless Continuum of Care Council is a regional-based organization comprised of service providers, developers, governmental entities and leaders, faith-based organizations and community members dedicated to end homelessness.

Our Mission: As an action-oriented collaborative, our mission is to restore lives and eliminate homelessness to improve our community. Our goal is to offer a helping hand to those in need of shelter to enable them regain housing stability and quality of life. The comprehensive programs and activities promoted by the Continuum are sponsored by an effective team of advocates, caring residents, dedicated providers, and other community members interested in ending the tragedy of homelessness.

Our Values:

  • The value and dignity of human life;
  • The central importance of the family and community well-being;
  • A special emphasis on the poor, the homeless, the aged and the distressed;
  • A belief in the power of one, but more importantly, the power of many working together;
  • A belief that programs benefit people only when they contribute to the individual’s freedom and independence.

How to Use this Website:

This website is dedicated to serving any Shasta County person or family who may be experiencing homelessness, poverty or distress and is in need of shelter, food or other vital services. Use the site as a resource and referral guide for the assistance available in our community. Click on the links to browse in each category.

How Can You Help?

We can all pitch in to help end homelessness no matter how big or small the contribution. Click here to see how you, as a community member, can help.

If you would like to provide your opinion about certain homeless issues which will be discussed at our next monthly meeting, please click HERE.



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