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Final Year !!

Canoe West

That’s right it is almost time to close the book on Canoe West.

After almost 40 years of sharing all his secrets of canoeing on the Klamath River, Neil has decided to retire.  Rob Rudkin, Neil’s Grandson, returned to work with Neil on the Klamath River in 2013. After such a great 2013 Season, Rob has talked Neil into offering canoe clinics on the Klamath River for one more year before he retires.  They both truly believe that 2014 will be the best season ever.

Neil and Rob and all the staff at Canoe West hope that you and your Scout Troop will plan to join them to celebrate their last year on the Klamath River.

Neil and Rob would also like the opportunity to come and visit your Troop during one of their regular meetings.

So get out those 2014 Calendars right now and start planning your Canoeing Adventure today! 

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Be One With The Water 
Be One With The Water