We have been teaching canoeing in Northern California since 1977.
We offer calm water canoeing instruction and whitewater canoeing instruction for individuals and large groups, solo and tandem.

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Our Canoe School...  We are a small northern California company with a tremendous depth of experience in teaching the art of canoeing. Our specialty is teaching the beginning paddler the essential skills they need to confidently enjoy the elegant and exciting sport of canoeing.

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Our classes always have a high instructor-to-student ratio, often one-on-one. We present the fundamental aspects of canoeing--essential strokes, safety, reading water--in a low key, no pressure atmosphere, creating a learning experience that is also a pleasurable retreat from the hustle and bustle of the nine-to-five.

Canoeing instructor Tom Ward

There is nothing more relaxing than paddling easily, confidently, down a nice little section of moving water, gently guiding your canoe along as the river does most of the work, enjoying the beauty of the animals and plants that live along the shores, listening to the sound of the wind and the water.

  My wife and I first canoed with Neil Rucker and the rest of the Canoe West staff in 1985, and after more than two decades we keep coming back for more. Neil is without doubt one of the finest whitewater instructors in the nation, and Canoe West offers the best canoe instruction in the West. Their knowledge of canoeing is unmatched, their patience as teachers is unequalled, and I have never stopped learning from them.
Bill Cross, Co-Author Western Whitewater

We offer instruction in both tandem (2 people in a canoe) and solo canoeing. We pride ourselves on our flexibility; we want to give you the learning experience you are looking for whether it is a two-hour skill brush up on calm water or a five day clinic that might take you to class 3 rapids.

Canoeing on the Klamath River

Our main schooling waters are on the middle sections of the Wild and Scenic Klamath River. We love teaching on the Klamath because it is beautiful, accessible, offers a wide variety of runs of various difficulties, and is usually around 70+ degrees WARM during the summer.

Canoeing the Klamath River

Dear Canoe West, Neil, Renee & Tom, Thank you for another unbelievable trek! We had a great time and learned a lot. Thank you for your help, patience and expertise. You have helped us, so much, in our quest to become better paddlers.
Best Regards, Robin Davidson
Scout Troop 444

Canoeing the Klamath River

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We can be pried away from our beloved Klamath. If you would like to learn to canoe or polish up your paddling strokes on your home waters, our instructors are ready to load their canoes and travel! Be sure to book early to secure your preferred dates.

Our Canoe School Rates: We teach both solo and tandem canoeing. Fees are $200.00 per canoe per day (note that we charge per canoe, not per person). The price of instruction includes canoe, paddle(s), and life vest(s). All of our canoes are royalex whitewater boats with glued-in knee pads and extra floatation. Canoe West will transport canoes and gear. Paddlers should be prepared to help shuttle people.

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Canoe West holds all necessary permits for canoeing the rivers in our National Forests and Bureau of Land Management areas
and is an equal opportunity service provider.

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