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The latest projects to date (May 9, 2011 include:
1. They Also Rode To Warn Part II - This project is still to be fully recorded. There are 12 songs in all. Several have been recorded and are done. The rest including PAUL REVERE'S OTHER RIDE, UNDER LIBERTY TREE, THE THIRD MIDNIGHT RIDER, THE REMARKABLE RIDE OF ISRAEL BISSELL and WENTWORTH CHESWELL RIDING ON newly added to the project now are soon ready to record.

2. Hangin' Loose With the Mongoose - This CD is just about finished with just some finishing touches to be done on 4 of the songs.

3. The Trains of Marin County - This CD has been recorded.  This album is soon to be released.
4. Tune To KLORD   - This CD has all the songs written. Several have been recorded. There is however a lot of work to go on this one. I am hoping sometime in 2011 for the release date.

5. A new album project has also been added to the mix: THE SONG POOL (Children's Album).
There are 15 songs in this album. (See Song List for "The Song Pool". (All songs written)
6. GRANDPA'S VEGGIE MACHINE is CD project #10 on the list. (All songs written)
7. CHRISTMAS TIME IN SEPTEMBER is #11 on the list. (All songs written)
8. ANOTHER ROAD is #12 of the CD projects on the list (All songs written)